Kathleen Davis, Diane Bowe and Barbara Gauld in Kenya


Barbara Gauld Board Chair
Community Advocate

Ms. Gauld was an early supporter of One By One. Inspired by the direct and no nonsense way the founders approached the problem of fistula, she knew this was an organization she could get behind. Her connection to One By One has grown steadily, from hosting Giving Circles and captaining tables at fundraisers, to joining the Board in 2010.    Click to read more.

Diane Bowe, MSW, Immediate Past Board Chair
Community Advocate

Ms. Bowe joined the board of One By One in 2012 after returning from living abroad in Tanzania with her pediatrician husband and two school-age children. A first generation Dane with wanderlust in her genes, she has maintained an active passport since birth.  Click to read more.


Kathleen Davis, M.D., Past Board Chair
Community Advocate

Dr. Davis, Past President of the Board, has been a member of the One By One Board and Chair of the International Program Committee since 2006.  Dr Davis is an internal medicine physician with over 30 years experience in clinical medicine, public health, health education, and evaluation of education and clinical programs.  Click to read more.


Jennifer North, CPA, Board Treasurer
Community Advocate

Ms. North moved to Washington State from Ottawa, Canada and immediately fell in love with the work that One By One does. She is committed to ensuring that girls and women who suffer from fistula are heard.  Jennifer brings 25 years of senior experience in the corporate and non-profit worlds.  Click to read more. 


Jen Fricas, MPH, RN, Board Secretary
Faculty, Seattle University

Ms. Fricas is a public health professional and registered nurse. She has seventeen years of experience specializing in community and public health, having worked in a variety of practice settings including local government, community-based health organizations, and nursing education. She is currently a senior instructor at the Seattle University College of Nursing, Click to read more.


Susan Brown
Communications & Branding Executive

Ms. Brown joined the board in 2015 and is passionate about global health and gender equity, two issues inherent to the mission of One By One. She enjoys helping One By One raise awareness, build relationships, and raise funds.
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Liz Garcia, M.D.
Obstetrictian/Gynocologist, Instructor at University of Washington

Dr. Garcia joined One by One in 2017 after relocating to Seattle from Albuquerque where she enjoyed a busy clinical practice for 14 years. She now works in education at the University of Washington, merging medical school and dental school foundational curriculum. She has served on multiple boards involving education and global health causes, and is especially passionate about empowering women worldwide with accurate information.


Laura Hart, M.D.
Urologist and Fistula Surgeon


Kirsten Smith
CEO, True Warrior Way

Ms. Smith is a Leadership Coach and HR Consultant who uses her more than 25 years of experience to help individuals and organizations be more effective. Kirsten is a strong supporter of issues in global health which she became more aware of during her tenure at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and through her extensive travels.  Click to read more.