One By One co-founders, Heidi Breeze-Harris & Katya Matanovic

One By One co-founders, Heidi Breeze-Harris & Katya Matanovic


Heidi Breeze-Harris has Bachelor’s degree specializing in Asian Studies and Anthropology from The Evergreen State College.  She worked on a variety of women’s and family health issues through field work in Japan, Thailand, India and Nepal.  Heidi’s project management experience includes working for Dale Chihuly as his publisher and book designer and as a project management consultant for the Smithsonian Institution, Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery, the City of Seattle and the Pilchuck Glass School among others.  Ms. Harris’ non-profit background includes being the Associate Director of the Pomegranate Center – an institution that works on community-built urban design solutions for low-income communities in Washington State. In 2002 Heidi was granted a fellowship with the Japan U.S. Community Education and Exchange program to study the government and non-profit response to the disastrous 1995 earthquake in Kobe, Japan.  Heidi has a strong commitment to international public health with a special concentration on the health of women and girls because “it is where the change will happen.”  Heidi and her husband Jack enjoy spending time with their eight-year-old son Coleman.

“As it turned out, I had an obstructed labor with my son – a dramatic delivery resulting in a C-section, and then a second surgery for internal bleeding,” Heidi says. “I was enthusiastic about helping to end fistula before this happened to me, but afterwards the cause was even more real for me because I had my own experience of the pain of this kind of labor – and the suffering, isolation and loss these women experience in the aftermath is overwhelming for me to imagine.” 

Katya Matanovic has spent the last 15 years working in community development and women’s leadership. She is an accomplished program manager and practiced designer, artist and activist. Her experience in the non-profit sector includes curriculum development, special project management, marketing and strategic planning. Katya is currently the Managing Director at the Seattle-based non-profit Pomegranate Center, which works to create community-built community spaces.  Katya and her husband Mathew balance life with their lovely son Luca.

Heidi and Katya started One By One after learning of the devastating condition of obstetric fistula in 2004. They have been friends for many years and worked together on a variety of projects before starting One By One.