‘A Day in the Graveyard for Pregnant Women’, part 5 in a series about health in Africa and specifically in Sierra Leone, is an eye opening look at what women in Africa face when going to deliver their babies. The entire five-part series is an excellent window into how policy flows downward to affect individual lives. (08/09)
Global Health Magazine

Please read the edition of New York Times Magazine devoted to women’s rights issues and featuring the wonderful Nick Kristof. (08/09)
New York Times Magazine

Read about an extraordinary Afghan woman who is helping women survive obstructed labors through midwifery. (07/09)
New York Times

The New York Times Reports on Maternal Mortality in Tanzania (05/09)
New York Times

The New York Times today, 2/24/09, had an excellent article on obstetric fistula, “After a Devastating Birth Injury, Hope.” This informative article by Denise Grady focuses on women from Tanzania, a country in which One By One gives significant grants. We encourage you to read this article and share it with others.

In the article, one fistula surgeon points out that the 90% reported cure rate for fistula patients may be too high a percentage due to the delicate surgery required for patients with extensive damage. For One By One this point underscores the need for funding like ours that helps to pay for competent surgeons as well as funding for the significant nursing care needed for fistula patients. Once the surgery is complete, as the article states, “it can take several weeks to tell how well the operation worked.” During these several weeks it is the nursing and medical assistant staff that are on the front lines of care for the patients. In fistula repair, the nurses are as vital as the surgeons.

We at One By One know, as the article suggests, that fistula is not a problem that will end tomorrow. However, for each woman who is cured, a new life awaits. And for each woman who receives preventative interventions, a baby is born alive and a mother’s health remains intact. It is a vital beginning in the quest for gender equity.

Read the story of a fistula survivor in her own words (11/07)
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Podcast: Interview With Heidi on the Connections Between Women’s Health and the Environment (scroll down to Sex and the Environment, part 1) (04/08)
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Video: Heidi Breeze-Harris Speaks out on Fistula (04/08)
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Executive Director, Heidi Breeze-Harris, was honored at the first annual Smart Cookie Awards (4/07)
Cookie Magazine

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Australian Women’s Weekly
(PDF Download)

Fixing, preventing obstetric fistula (9/05)
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Toledo Blade

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Weekday: Reproductive Health Issues in Africa [AUDIO] (9/05)
KUOW 94.9 FM (

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