2011-2015: KENYA



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In its fifth year, Let’s End Fistula is a recognized model that that is changing the fistula landscape in Western Kenya.

Launched by One By One in 2011, Let’s End Fistula is bringing together in-country and international organizations to work together with shared vision and commitment toward a single common goal: to end fistula in this region.

Let’s End Fistula is tackling the problem of obstetric fistula comprehensively.

We have developed an innovative and powerful approach to carrying out the education and outreach that is so essential for finding women with fistula who are deeply isolated.  We are offering free transport and treatment for every fistula patient we find.  We are providing reintegration support services for women when they return to their communities following treatment.  And we are laying the foundation for implementing prevention activities that have proven to be extremely effective in other settings.

Let’s End Fistula is tackling the problem of obstetric fistula collaboratively.

We know that a single organization cannot solve this problem.  However, dedicated organizations working together – bringing expertise, resources and focused determination – can make this devastating childbirth injury a thing of the past.  We believe in the power of partnership, and Let’s End Fistula is a shining example of how small grass-roots organizations and large international corporations (and everything in-between) can come together to work toward a common goal of ending fistula.

Let’s End Fistula is tackling the problem of obstetric fistula with local leadership.

We are working with an extraordinary team, on the ground in Kenya, that oversees all aspects of the Let’s End Fistula program. Regional Representatives from rural villages throughout Western Kenya are providing very local leadership to our efforts to create connection with the most hard-to-reach women.

Our goal is for Let’s End Fistula to serve as a replicable model for ending fistula everywhere.


OUR SUCCESS IN KENYA 2011 -January 2015

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